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Our customers and fans are a vital part of our business... they mean the world to us. We LOVE to hear from our customers. Over the past year we’ve heard some interesting stories pertaining to our cases. We’ve enjoyed reading them, so we thought you would too - check them out, here are a few to get you going:

When the SGS3 came out I couldn't wait to get one, finally after a month of waiting for my upgrade I got one and immediately purchased the Ballistic SG MAXX. One day I forgot to set my alarm and woke up late for work and was rushing out. Packed everything in my backpack and ran out of the door (literally) as I was turning around the corner to get down the stairs ( I live on the 2nd flr) everything in my backpack came fly out turns out I did forget to zip it up (smh) and my wallet, keys, lunch (Tupperware), and my beloved phone all dropped from the 2nd flr down to the ground. I hurried down and thinking for sure my phone will have some crack, dents, dings, and scratches...I got to my phone and it is clear as a whistle. So I am very happy I purchased this case early on. Oh btw my wallet and keys are ok but unfortunately my food spilled, top came off :(

I am a police officer in Colorado. Tonight my phone which is in one of your level 3 cases fell off of my pistol belt. It landed under a 20 passenger van. The van was full well to put it simply over seated. When the van backed out of its parking spot the front right wheel ran over my phone. I thought for sure my phone was crushed when I picked it up I was shocked to see the carrying case was not broke or the cellphone case its self tho there was a tire tread mark on the soft gel exterior case the plastic case under that was not damaged either then I check my phone. the screen was fine and the phone works great still. I am really amazed with your product. it really is as tough as you say it is. the other police officers I work with were amazed as well and many of them ask where they could buy your case thanks for making an outstanding product

Our son Seth, an avid avid cyclist and athlete, was on a 60 mile cycle ride and was struck by a vehicle from behind. He was propelled over 160ft and had severe head trauma and was airlifted to a hospital trauma unit 1 hour away.
The testament to your case is that his iPhone 4 was with him, but he had no ID on him. The phone was found beside him which means it also flew over 160ft. The phone still worked!!! My daughter called him at 4:30 and the state trooper answered the phone and relayed what had happened and where he had been airlifted for emergency brain surgery. The only thing that happened to the iPhone was a cracked glass face on both front and back. AMAZING! thank you for your excellence in product and your 'true' representation of the case strength and durability."


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