Ballistic is a strong supporter of the reviewer community. We place a high value on independent third party reviews and recognize the importance of our products being reviewed on blogs. In fact, we often use input from these reviews to refine existing products and develop new products.

With our increased presence on the internet and in retail, we receive a high volume of sample requests for reviews. We would love to honor every request but it is financially unfeasible. And, unfortunately, some of the requests are from people simply looking for free products. Therefore, we review each sample request individually. Requests may not be answered immediately, please be patient.

Areas of information you will need to provide us are as follows:

  • Name, mailing address, contact phone number
  • Email address
  • Website URL/YouTube Page1
  • Device you prefer to review products for
  • Products you wish to review2
  • Additional comments

Currently we can only accept applications from residence of United States, Canada, and Mexico

If you are interested in reviewing any of Ballistic’s products please fill out this form.

1 Facebook is not a valid reviewing site; YouTube accounts must be creditable with significant following.
2 Requested product may not be available to review program at time acceptance.