For more than 20 years, Ballistic engineers and designers have been devoted not only to pioneering device protection, but perfecting it. Through experience, ingenuity and discipline, Ballistic has created some of the most durable, innovative cases on the market.

By deliberately designing every aspect of our cases to provide superior drop protection, Ballistic has developed a full arsenal of protective technologies like Six-Sided Drop Protection and impact-proof Ballistic Corners®. That way, every customer who carries a Ballistic case gets the protection they want and the peace of mind they need.

People love everything about their devices. They should also love everything about what protects them.

And while other cases may sacrifice substance for style, the Ballistic team feels that Perfecting Protection™ can only be attained by achieving both. Every design element of a Ballistic case serves a protective function. 
Yes, aesthetics and tactile feedback are a vital part of the overall Ballistic experience, but protection must be the priority. After all, if there’s no function under the form, it’s a burden not a benefit.

All Ballistic cases are designed to take a hit and come through intact, right down to its reinforced corners. And that level of protection begins with materials that last.

Ballistic uses low-durometer compounds specifically formulated to absorb high-energy impact while maintaining an exceptional ergonomic feel. These compounds are unique in the industry so Ballistic devotes a significant amount of R&D to working with them. Our mantra is simple: Design it right and prove it through testing. So, whether it absorbs shock, reduces impact, resists scratches or repels water, Ballistic will make sure each case provides maximum protection, and then some.

While a great deal of expertise and ingenuity go into the creation of every Ballistic case we make, it’s our devotion to discipline that separates us from other case makers.

The foundation for the methodical philosophy of how we design and work comes from over a decade designing military equipment that must stand up to the extreme, harsh conditions of battle. This process includes extensive verification testing protocols and complete engineering & manufacturing documentation to assure quality and consistency from the first case to the last. Without our disciplined approach, we couldn’t have created innovations like Six-Sided Drop Protection, shock-absorbing Air Gap Suspension Springs or even our enduring 180° rotating holster clip. But that’s what happens when your goal is Perfecting Protection™.